Sunday 27 October 2019, 10am

Kings Domain, Melbourne



Let’s slow down and walk together

Join us for a morning of mindful walking and meditation to support mental health. 

The Mindful Walk is a community walk like no other. Instead of racing to the finish line, it is an opportunity to slow down and reconnect to our surroundings and to ourselves. Slow and steady wins the race. We walk in the name of supporting mental wellness, whilst sharing and embracing the journey with those around us.

When we come together as individuals to nurture our own mental health, we create opportunity for that to have a ripple effect on those around us.

Why walk mindfully?

Our lives are full of chatter, alerts and distractions trying to grab ahold of our attention all at once. We're talking about the three text messages and lunch reminder you've received whilst trying to read this (wait what is for lunch?)... see what we mean?

We want to help you find stillness and awareness in the present moment. To truly connect with each other, yourself and the world around you through a morning of mindfulness.

So what's happening?

We will start the morning with a short meet and greet, including a little bit of guided instruction about how to walk mindfully. We will then guide you through a 30 minute silent walk around the gardens. Along the way you will encounter mindful reminders to bring you back to the present moment through the ignition of various sensory experiences.

After your mindful walk experience you will be invited to join your fellow walkers in the lululemon and Indie & I chill-out-zone. This space is designed to keep the feeling of connection flowing whilst you enjoy live music and a few surprise goodies! This event is for everyone (8+ years), so no prior mindfulness experience is necessary!

Where to go


Walk to support Love Me Love You

Mental illness continues to be a growing challenge in our society and alarmingly almost one in four young Australians are unhappy with their lives. Due to the lack of awareness and the stigma surrounding mental illness, many people are facing their battles alone.

We are all affected by mental health issues, whether it’s our own struggle or someone close to us. A key motivator for the mindful walk it to open more conversations and give a voice to those that live in silence.

All funds raised from the Mindful Walk will be donated to Love Me Love You, a registered charity, non-profit organisation that was founded by former AFL player Lance Picioane after enduring a lifetime battle with mental illness and substance abuse. Eight years ago Lance nearly wrote the final chapter in his book to what has now become a leading advocacy organisation in the Mental Health and Wellbeing industry. This includes providing positive psychology frameworks to empower people on their journey.

In helping ourselves we are also helping a bigger cause.

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