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Founder / Operations / Creative

Wouldn’t it be great to create a fun run that is actually a walk. Where people walk mindfully. And in complete silence. And it can raise money for charities in mental health.” This was the conversation that Carrie had with her Madam Heap co-founder, Mandy, four years ago. And here we are today. Carrie is so thrilled that the Mindful Walk has now been further developed and embraced by such a wonderful team of awesome people who are so passionate about this event and cause. Carrie comes to this event with 12 years experience as a Clinical Psychologist, currently heading up her private practice in the Madam Heap centre.



Founder / Operations / Marketing

Mandy is one of the original founders of The Mindful Walk. She is also one of the founders of Madam Heap, and an accredited meditation teacher. After many years in a fast paced, highly stressful corporate career, during which her personal meditation practice enabled her to manage the stress and her success to flourish, she then left the corporate world to start up Madam Heap. She had such a intense passion for meditation and mindfulness, she directed her passion and knowledge into Madam Heap, wanting to share the benefits with the wider community. This led to creating the Mindful Walk.




Former AFL player. Lance is now the Founder & CEO of Love Me Love You foundation, a NFP organisation that delivers Mental Health awareness education and support programs.

Lance has battled his way through Mental Illness since he was 13 years old, substance abuse issues for 6 years and nearly suiciding in 2011. Lance connects his story to the community so that we can all create change and make a difference through awareness, acknowledgement and action programs and campaigns.



Partnerships / Creative

Tina Bruce is an Author, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Medical Intuitive and Retreat Leader. Tina’s career spanning fifteen years in the medical industry combined with her experience of teaching yoga and intuition has enabled her to serve her clients on the deepest level. She now has a passion to empower women to become their own healers. Tina regularly hosts intimate Yin yoga classes and spiritual retreats and offers private one on one coaching. Her first book, “Mother’s Medicine: The Birth of My Intuition” is a memoir about her own experience of transformation.




Sian Pascale is an experienced Energetic, Breath, Meditation and Yoga teacher. Her teachings draw from Mother India where she lived and trained for several years, learning through the hatha, ashtanga, kundalini and tantric lineages. She teaches privately and collectively, locally and internationally. Her self practice and dedication to the yogic path has allowed her to merge ancient teachings into a modern language that everyone can access.



Marketing / Creative

Emma Maidment is an international yoga and meditation teacher, writer and speaker. Emma is committed to sharing ways to live an authentic and connected life. Emma teaches regular public yoga classes, facilitates corporate wellness programmes, runs retreats, provides private yoga and meditation sessions, and speaks on health and wellness throughout Australia and the world. Emma is also a lululemon ambassador. Emma has been featured in Australian Natural Health Magazine, body+soul, The Urban List, Broadsheet, Sporteluxe, and many more.